Sarah Walsh for the Guardian

Our artist Sarah Walsh just completed editorial art work for the well respected Guardian. The article is titled “Despite many obstacles, the world is getting better.” You can read it here.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 12.58.17 PM

See Sarah’s portfolio here.


Your Beating Heart

Happy Valentines’ Day!



Illustrating by artist Linda Ketlehut.  See her portfolio here.  Animation created by Natasha Dewitz.  Contact us for more info.

Hope you have a day filled with love!




Sarajo’s Godiva Chocolate Bliss

We’re so thrilled to see our artist Sarajo Frieden on Godiva’s homepage!  She had the opportunity of a lifetime working on this very special edition for Godiva’s 2017 Valentine’s Day Collection.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.46.32 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.59.50 AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.11.42 PM

Images from Godiva website.

The packaging is stunning and captures the playful wit and colorful palette of Sarajo’s work. As part of this project, Godiva flew Sarajo over to Japan to meet with the Godiva team and speak at the unveiling of this special collection. What an amazing experience!


8photos by Sarajo

Sarajo captured this journey to Japan through a series of beautiful photographs and we’ll be sharing all of those with you this Tuesday, Feb. 7th on Lilla’s Instagram Feed @lillarogers. Be sure to follow along in the fun and see how this wonderful collection came to be. And while you’re at it, go ahead and buy some of these yummy chocolates for yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day.


The Studio Ladies


Anne Bentley is featured on Brown Paper Bag’s fashionable blog!

We love  Brown Paper Bag’s  fashionable blog and well curated IG feed both run by Sara Barnes.  So, we were delighted to see our artist Anne Bentley featured on the blog here.

This article was appropriately titled “Colorful Portraits of Curious People You’ll Want to Meet”.  Here is an excerpt and a few of the images she featured.

“Influenced by vintage pottery, fashion, and mid-century architecture, Anne M. Bentley paints curious portraits of mysterious folks. Clad in oversized sunglasses and 70s-inspired outfits, they pose with big cats, poodles, and feathered friends.”




Be sure to hop over to Brown Paper Bag’s blog to see all of the featured work and see the rest of Anne’s portfolio here.



What nonsense have the ladies at Lilla Rogers Studio gotten themselves into this time? Announcing Lilla’s Art Menagerie


Art by Katie Vernon


We’re excited to let our favorite art directors know about a special upcoming event: Lilla’s Art Menagerie. It will be a cornucopia of fresh, new artwork that will be revealed January 5th in a private, password-protected gallery.

We were thinking: how can we make it really easy for you to see loads of new work without traveling? No flight, no hotel, no cabs! And why not get our brilliant artists to generate new work for an online event?

So we asked our artists to create exciting new work around the themes you request the most often. They were game. Then I thought, why don’t I make a bunch of trend boards just for our artists to motivate and inspire them?


Some of the trend boards that I made for my artists for the Menagerie. Topics range from winter holiday, Valentine’s, summer florals, editorial maps, mod kitchen, and tons more.

So when do you get to see all this new fabulous work?
You’ll be the very first to see the work from the comfort of your desk on Thursday, January 5th!

How will you access the work?
You’ll get an email with a link and a special password where you can view the work.


Art by Clairice Gifford


Art by Marenthe


Art by Flora Waycott


Art by Zoe Ingram


Art by Suzy Ultman


Art by Terri Fry Kasuba



Stay tuned on Instagram for our artists’ banners. Art by Carolyn Gavin.

We hope you’ll be inspired to commission, license or buy work for you projects. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you!



Rachael Taylor Snowflake Trail Art Commission

Hi Lilla,

I’m so excited to be able to share with you that I’m one of the 12 lucky artists that have been commissioned to design a snowflake as part of Liverpool, UK city centre’s popular Snowflake Trail.


I found out at the end of October that I had been chosen & it has been a whirlwind of planning, painting, sanding & organising a very large amount of Adobe Illustrator vinyl files ever since. The sculptures were provided as white blank canvases for all of the artists to decorate & apply their artwork to whilst making them weatherproof ahead of their outdoor installation.

This completely FREE event is organised by Open Culture who are a Community Interest Company with the mission to increase the profile of & engagement with arts & culture in Merseyside.

rt_snowflaketrail_12_650px_lrMy son Blayke and I on opening night

I feel so honoured to be part of such a diverse & talented group of artists & it has been a very enjoyable process whilst being challenging at the same time. It was such a fantastic experience to be able to turn my creative vision into a festive reality. I have been documenting the process through a series of blog posts & you can follow the #snowflaketrail tag on social media for news along with my own personal posts via Instagram / Twitter / Facebook for a behind the scenes perspective.

With special thanks to Rachael Treacher & everyone at Open Culture for organising everything so well & being so friendly & welcoming. Also a huge thank you to Joe Wigzell & Sarah Lyons at Roland DG UK for their help, expertise & advice with my vinyl designs. Here is my design concept & description, I hope you like it! It is located by Elliot Street / Clayton Square by the new steps in Liverpool, UK’s city centre.

Snowy celebration

“My vision was to create a pattern that makes you feel uplifted, happy and festive, whilst reflecting the multi-cultural nature and vibrant city of Liverpool. This dynamic design incorporates a revelation of colour, a diverse range of varying scales to produce a visual snowy delight and multi-faceted piece.”


My snowflake as a blank canvas to apply my design to


Me sanding my snowflake to get a good quality finish in the artists workshop


Image credit: Snowflake Trail Press Day


Being interviewed by BBC Radio Merseyside for their breakfast show


My working concept design – ‘Snowy Celebration’


Starting to add vinyls to create my design – with thanks to Roland DG UK for generously printing the vinyls


Continuing to work on the front and back of my snowflake with my vinyls with a view to the public


You can just spot my snowflake behind the Snowflake Trail branding!


My snowflake finally in location after weeks of hard work!


The stand for my snowflake with my name and description of the design


My little boy Blayke being interviewed for TV

You can follow all of the fun on social media by using the tag #snowflaketrail Check out my Facebook album here. See more about this exciting project here.




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Check out a few of the many jobs my artists have gotten from art they did in my e-courses. Enjoy!



Course: Make Art That Sells Part B
Client: Giant Advent calendar for Woodmansterne



Course: Make Art That Sells Part B, Scrapbooking Week
Client: Madison Park, Greeting Card



Course: Global Talent Search
Clients: Cards for Design House Greetings; a notebook for L’Ateleir du Papier; inspiration for a magnet collection with Badgebomb; home decor collection with Midwest-CBK



Course: Creating Collections for Home Decor
Client: TAG, Ltd.

Want to get cool jobs like these?
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Why artists love our courses:
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* I understand procrastination and insecurity and know how to trick you out of those things

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4 Tips for Interesting Times

Here are four tips to help you nourish yourself and others during these interesting times. Hope you find benefit.

1. Reach out to your community and
surround yourself with those that make you happy.



2. Lean on each other. Support each other.



3. Treat yourself well. Make a cup of tea. Breathe.



4. Make your own magic. Do more of what makes you happy. Make more art!


“When a shift in a system has occurred, especially one that causes fear and discomfort, it allows for something strikingly different to appear, furthering our evolution as people. We can only know where we are going when we get there … now is the time we have been practicing for. No more just practicing the dance. We must now dance. And this is not a dress rehearsal.” — Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Lilla and Reine


Make Cool Tote Bags with our Artists’ Art

We are delighted to be partnering with Spoonflower’s newest service, Sprout!


Sew tote bags and zipper pouches that have been beautifully designed by our artists! The fabric comes to you already printed with cut lines, so that means no paper patterns to lay out.



Zipper pouch and tote with Katie Vernon’s art



Tote bag with Tara Lilly’s art




Tote, zipper pouch and fabric design with Zoe Ingram’s art



Tote and zipper pouch with Rebecca Jones’ art

All Photos by Sprout and Caroline Okun

Order yours today here!  These will make a special gift for you or someone for the upcoming holidays.