Katie Vernon Ambushes Lilla’s Instagram Account

We’re having a blast with our “Takeover Thursday” series where a Lilla Rogers Studio artist is ambushing Lilla’s Instagram account @Lillarogers. It is a glimpse into a day in the life of being a Lilla Rogers artist #ArtistAmbush.

We were lucky to have a sneak peak into Katie Vernon’s life last Thursday as a working artist. Katie won the Global Talent Search in October 2015. It has been a life changing event for her!

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.40.01 PM

Art by Katie Vernon

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.39.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.39.49 PM

photo by Katie Vernon

Check out Katie’s portfolio here. Follow along in the fun on Instagram @lillarogers each Thursday for a rare sneak peek into the life of a working artist. And don’t miss out on your chance for a life changing opportunity through the Global Talent Search 2016 to win representation by Lilla Rogers Studio! Registration for the art competition closes on July 27th. Sign up today.




#MyGTSprep is back! Enter the Global Talent Search today


It’s Lilla here, artist agent, and I’m on the hunt for our next artist to represent.


I’m super excited to announce that it’s prep time for our annual Global Talent Search (GTS), one of the most closely-watched events in our industry. To help you get prepared, we will be sharing 5 free mini-assignments, known as the GTS Prep (#myGTSprep) all this week on the Make Art That Sells blog here. And if you have not yet registered for the Global Talent Search, book your place here and then dive into these ‘minis’ to help you get ready for the main competition.



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Also, join us on Periscope today. It’s always fun.





Interview with Carolyn Gavin on Red Cap Cards

There’s a fantastic interview with artist Carolyn Gavin on the Red Cap Cards website here.  Sneak peek below.


Tell us about your childhood—did you always want to be an artist? Did you have any other aspirations?

I grew up in South Africa in a very protective, nurturing environment. I lived in white suburbia in Johannesburg with my family—two older brothers (who taught me to be tough), parents, and great grandparents, two dogs and a nanny, Beauty, who was like my second mama. I had a nice life, we had a swimming pool and I remember always painting and creating things and wanting to be an artist. I studied with artist, Nina Campbell-Quine, and she really taught me how to paint, experiment with different techniques and live a “bohemian” life as an artist. She had a stunning house and studio which she designed. The studio had gigantic windows facing an incredible succulent garden. A very exotic and intoxicating place to visit and paint every week!

As a white person growing up there, life was easy, sunny and bright. As a black person, life was unfair and unjust. Apartheid was at its peak right then in the 60’s and 70’s and no one dared speak out. The thing to do was either leave the country or fight for what you believed in.


Studio space


What an inspiring interview and it’s filled with lots of Carolyn’s beautiful work. Enjoy reading the full interview here and congratulations Carolyn! See her portfolio here.


The Studio Ladies


Takeover Thursday on Instagram

We’re excited to be kicking off our “Takeover Thursday” series where a Lilla Rogers Studio artist will takeover and ambush Lilla’s Instagram account @Lillarogers. It is a glimpse into a day in the life of being a Lilla Rogers artist #ArtistAmbush.

We were lucky to have a sneak peak into Clairice Gifford’s life last Thursday as a working artist in Utah. Clairice won the Global Talent Search in October 2015. It has been a life changing event for her!


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 11.03.01 AM



Check out Clairice’s work here.  Follow along in the fun on Instagram @lillarogers each Thursday for a rare sneak peek into the life of a working artist. And don’t miss out on your chance for a life changing opportunity through the Global Talent Search 2016!  Registration for the art competition closes on July 27th. Sign up today.




Dig In To This Eye Candy

0c5adb7d-a9df-472b-963c-93e880ebf51dHelen Dardik1014ce68-50bc-4bc4-b131-38d18aa32ea5

Macrina Busato


Carolyn Gavin


Marco Marella


Tara Lilly


Katie Vernon

Contact us to license, buy or commission art for your fabulous project.
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We Love Paint. We Love Line.

Looking to assign some stunning art? We’ve got some gorgeous eye candy for you. These artists know their way around paint and ink line.


Jessica Allen for Make Art That Sells: Creating Collections for Home Decor e-course


Rebecca Bradley for Canada Water Cafe


Katie Vernon


Sarah Walsh


Rebecca Bradley

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.10.12 AM

Trina Dalziel for Make Art That Sells: Creating Collections for Home Decor e-course

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Want a full time art career with a top art agency? Enter our 2016 Global Talent Search.


Our 4th Annual Global Talent Search 2016 (GTS) is now open for registration!

ARTISTS: If you are an artist looking for representation or simply looking for a great creative challenge, be sure to enter our Global Talent Search 2016. You might just be the next artist we are looking for. Imagine getting representation with a top art agency and scoring tons of lucrative work right off the bat!


This year, the Global Talent Search will be bigger and better than ever, with over 17 top industry leaders who are judging Round Two. Together, we’ll be awarding the winner amazing licenses, commissions, and Skype consultations with some of the best art directors in the business. It’s almost impossible to get this kind of access to art buyers.

Some of the prestigious judges include art buyers from: American Girl, Chronicle Books, Nickelodeon, Quarry Books, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Uppercase Magazine, Madison Park Greetings, Hallmark, Creative Co-Op, and Oopsy Daisy.

ART DIRECTORS: The Global Talent Search is a great way for you to spot new artists, art styles, and trends. Want to be a judge and help select our next artist? Please contact us here.


Check out some of the work by previous winners:


Final Round Entry by Kate Mason, our 2015 Grand Prize Winner


Final Round Entry by Katie Vernon, our 2015 Special Studio Winner


Final Round Entry by Clairice Gifford, our 2015 Special Studio Winner



Artists: Imagine an entire line of gift products–candles, wrapping paper, soaps and cards–featuring YOUR art. This collection is by artist 2014 GTS winner Flora Waycott for Madison Park Greetings. 
 GTS Winner Tara Lilly’s sketchbook for Quarto Publishing.
One of the many cool jobs she’s gotten with us since being represented.

Upon sign-up, all registrants also receive Lilla’s Top Tips: Learn how to prepare for professional competitions download for free.

Read more about how it works, key dates, and more.

I hope you’ll join us for this fun adventure! You’ll love our all-new assignments.

Warm regards,

P. S. We’ve heard from artists who tell us that they’ve gotten work just by the exposure they’ve received from entering the GTS.


5 Reasons to Hire an Illustrator-

Often, an illustration can tell the story better than a photograph. Here are 5 reasons why to hire an illustrator. I’ve included a few recent examples by our artists.

1. Sometimes an art director wants some serious pop on the page, like this piece by Lisa DeJohn that was commissioned by the Boston Globe Magazine.



2. Illustration is perfect for maps. It can give the feel of the place through color and icons.


KATIE VERNON for Oopsy Daisy

3. Everyone always reads a cartoon or comic strip, and these can illustrate a concept like nothing else.



4. Stunning typographic illustrations are a gorgeous way to design a page.



5. Take a typical scene like mealtime. Now ask an illustrator to make it visual appealing. Illustration adds personality and appeals to your demographic.



Hope you enjoyed the show. Lookin’ for some great art? Contact us to license, buy or commission art for your fabulous project.

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Our Surtex NY recap and four zany antics!


Above, our booth sign for the show designed by Clairice Gifford.

Giant thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hello or check out our work at Surtex! It was our best show yet, with tons of clients and appointments, and a few zany antics.

Here are our artists Carolyn Gavin and Helen Dardik taking a breather during a quiet moment at our booth. Do you like the navy linen tablecloths? Take a look at all those gorgeous portfolios! Didn’t make the show? Contact us to see pdfs of the books, or request a gallery of specific work. We’re happy to help.


Our product shelves were new this year. To the right is Sarah Walsh’s banner.


The gang, from left: Susan McCabe (Senior Agent), Helen Dardik (Artist with 140K+ Instagram followers), me, Carolyn Gavin (Artist also with 100K+ Instagram followers), Reine Sloan (Marketing), Joanne Hus (Agent), and Flora Waycott (Artist from New Zealand).


Zany Antic #1: It was fun to see Helen and Carolyn hamming it up at our photo banner. We love to try new things each year, and this year it was our photo banner idea. Art by Sarah Walsh.


Here’s a view from the side of our booth. Banners from left, Daniel Roode, Suzy Ultman, Tara Lilly.


Zany Antic #2: Susan got her hands henna’d at the booth by Helen Dardik’s sister, Valeria.


Here I am at our freestanding sign by Katie Vernon at the entrance of the show.


Zany Antic #3: Agent Susan with two men in kilts!


Antic #4. Last day of Surtex. Flora and Carolyn playing with Suzy Ultman’s fabric tea set for Land of Nod.


…and no Surtex show is ever complete without Helen Dardik’s shoes!


Thanks again for all your support! Let us help you find great art to make your product or editorial content shine. Read more about what other people say about us here. We’re happy to help you!

Lilla and the Studio Ladies